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home1Welcome! MC Insulation LLC is a family owned and operated insulation company providing services since 2002. We've helped 1000's of families lower their energy bills 40-60% throughout the KCMO, KCK and KC Metro areas. If you want the lowest prices, best quality materials, and experience, we are the insulation company you are looking for in Kansas City. We are experienced and have the products that are built to last. Over the past few decades, MC Insulation has continually refined and expanded its operation to bring customers the best in home installation.

Before hiring a contractor, it’s in your best interest to make sure they know what they’re doing! Remediation and installation work is serious business, with your health and safety as utmost importance. A house insulated with fiberglass insulation installed properly and at today’s code requirements will last for the life of the house, not 30 years, but for the life of the building. If you are looking for one of the most cost efficient insulation experienced insulation contractors in area, we have been here servicing Kansas City since 2002. MC Insulation is proud of our professional staff that is so knowledgeable and skilled in the industry! We offer Fiberglass Blow Insulation, Old Insulation Removal, Radium Barrier, Foam Insulation and Vapor Barrier.

Locally owned and operated, we use the latest in technology to diagnose your problems and find the best solution for your KC home. We cut down your heating and cooling costs, while still being friendly to the environment. Give us a call today at 816-337-2077.

Qualified and Insured

  • We Are Licensed and Have Full Coverage Insurance

  • Certified in Weatherization Skills

  • Certified LED Training

  • OSHA Certified

  • EPA Certification Training

Affordable Prices For:

  • Fiberglass Blow Insulation

  • Proper Removal Of Old Or Animal Contaminated Insulation Plus The Clean Up Of Debris and Odor

  • Radium Barrier

  • Foam Insulation

  • Vapor Barrier

For More Information Or To Book An Inspection, Call Us At 816-337-2077